Beauty Hacks that Works for Me

Among tons of beauty hacks raved by beauty gurus all over the internet, there are some that have become my S.O.P (Standard Operational Procedure).

These hacks are game-changing because it saves time and delivers flawlessly.

Since entering the working world, I put makeup quite often compared to the time when I was still a student. It means that investing my time to learn the how-to’s and tricks on putting make-up can accumulatively save a lot of time and effort.

That’s why I started to follow and watch Beauty Gurus and beauty shows mostly from YouTube, which becomes the birthplace of this Sau-approved hacks.

Hack #1: Lip balm as the first of everything

Credit: Tried and Tested from the Clicknetwork

The Tried and Tested Show!

This is a web series show from Singapore hosted by the witty and pretty Shu Ann and a part of the Click Network Show channel. I especially was enlightened by certain episodes that invited a renowned Singaporean MUA, Larry Yeo. He gave out-of-the-box “Beauty Insider Tips” that’s really an insider thing – never heard about those!

Ladies – listen up. Turns out that the first step you have to do when starting the ritual is to put lip balm.


Reason is, you want to prep your lips to be plump and moist so it will be ready for the lipstick. That takes some minutes to absorb, therefore that should be done earliest.


My lips always tend to be in the drier side, so this is really a game-changing hack. Before knowing this, I put lip balm right before lipstick – it tends to change the lipstick consistency, make less pigmented and tend to be runny in a bad way. Applying this trick, the lip balm does what it’s supposed to do – hydrates and plumps – without the disturbance to the lipstick. BAM!

Hack #2: Focus the foundation on the triangle

Credit: Tried and Tested from the Clicknetwork

The triangle we should all be focusing to.
The triangle we should all be focusing to.

I hate cakey face the most. It’s the look as if you have 10 layers of foundation in your face. Unluckily, I used to get that every time I put on full-blown makeup for a wedding party or big events. Yes, it can be toned down by bronzers and blushes, but still.

Aaand yet again, Larry Yeo together with Tried and Tested have done their magic. Turns out you actually only need to focus your foundation effort in the triangle of your cheek. That’s the spotlight area of your face skin.

For the rest of the face, just use very, very little amount of foundation and spread around the remaining drops in your brush. This will give you a natural skin-like finish that’s really suitable for “no-makeup” makeup look.

Hack #3: Avoid lipsticky teeth with tissue paper smack

don't you just hate it when your smile become cringey because of teeth-lipstick??
don’t you just hate it when your smile become cringey because of teeth-lipstick??

I am not sure how come this hack planted in my head – I suppose it was from one of the videos from TheMakeUpChair.  Basically, to avoid getting lipstick into your teeth, there is a very simple trick: grab a tissue paper, fold it into a rectangle, put it in between your lips, and make your inner lips touch it 1-2 times. 

Teeth lipstick comes from the excess sitting in the inner part of the lips. By cleaning it using a tissue, you save yourself from the embarrassment.

Another trick you can do is to make an “O” with your mouth, put your index finger, suck it briefly and pull out. It will leave lipstick in your finger, which you can wipe.

Hack #4: “Shrink” the pores with a buffing motion

Credit:  Wayne Goss

The amazing Wayne Goss
The amazing Wayne Goss

One Beauty Guru that I just HAVE to mention because of his awesomeness (yes, a he) is Wayne Goss. He’s a professional MUA that changed. my. life.

I just subscribed to him for less than a month and many of my absolute favorite tricks have been coming from him. If you want to do your make up in a smart way,

Subscribe to him!!

One hack he posted that becomes viral with almost 8.5 million views is to make your pores disappear by using foundation.

Ohhh yes.

As I have naturally large pores due to the oily-combination skin, this is definitely a Godsend. The problem with the foundation is that it can actually accentuate the pores and make them even more visible. This is obviously violating the purpose of the foundation itself, which is to cover. Now, before you curse the foundation you’ve just bought and trying to buy another via emergency to-buy list – it could be resolved by the correct technique that Wayne presented:

1) use primer/moisturizers beforehand to fill in the pores. Due to its consistency, foundation tends to sit on the top of your skin  – not entering the pores. Applying foundation carelessly would make the deep part of the pore having even more difference in color, resulting in huge pores visible from outer space. We can handle that by filling in the pores by using primer/moisturizers. Personally. I use a water-based sunblock (Biore Aqua Rich UV right now) that has a similar physical form but with SPF 50.

2) apply the foundation by using buffing motion. It is a light, back-and-forth circular motion by using a fat brush, that goes round and round and round.  Be patient and buff your skin – you will see your pores gradually disappear!

3) Finish up with a dash of powder.  Voila!

Note: dry skin ladies, this can micro-exfoliates and roughen your skin texture. Be wary – to pull this trick you have to wear moisturizer.

Hack #5: Prime the eyelids using concealer

eyelid primerized
eyelid primerized

Same with #3, I am also not sure about where this is coming from. We can suspect it also comes from watching Sinead’s videos. Apparently, there is a primer exist in the beauty world for the sole purpose of prepping the eyelid. This product gives more “BAM!” from the eyeshadow color and make it lasts longer.

However, I haven’t got one yet.

Turns out substituting eyelid primer with concealer can mimic the effect. Therefore, before eyeshadow, I always apply a dash of concealer into the lid. However, I am very interested in comparing this technique to legitimate eyelid primer and whether or not this would turn out to be a health problem due to the fact that the skin near the eyes is delicate and supposedly not to be messed with.

So, those five are my go-to hacks each and every time. In the meantime, I am testing other hacks as well, such as wet beauty blender, foundation with oil drop, highlighter first then brush. However,  I still need a longer testing period in order to get some confirmation of their effectiveness in my skin.

Do you have your own beauty hacks you swear by?

Share it here!

And as always, thanks for reading, friends!

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